University Overview:

Located in Yichun City in the western part of Jiangxi Province, Yichun University (YU for short) is a comprehensive state-owned higher education establishment. Yichun is among the first corps of national experimental ecological cities, and has acquired a series of national honours: National Designated Garden City, National Model City for Greening, China Excellent Tourist City and National Health City. YU enjoys picturesque sceneries, convenient communication, ample facilities and profound cultural traditions as well as fairly advanced teaching conditions.

YU has a faculty of more than 1,000, of which over 50% have the title of professor, associate professor, PhD or MD. It has successively engaged more than 100 academicians, PhD supervisors, professors and/or PhDs as honorary or visiting professors.   The full-time student body totals more than 20,000, including both graduates, undergraduates, college students and international students. There are 19 schools and departments, including but not limited to the School of Liberal Arts, the Journalism and Communications, the School of Politics and Law, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Music and Dance, the School of Arts and Design, the School of Math and Computer Science (Service Outsourcing School), the School of Physics and Engineering Technology, School of Chemistry and the Biological Engineering, the School of Medical Science, the School of Cosmetology, the School of Physical Education,etc. YU has established 6 university-level research centers; its professional disciplines involve subject categories such as Liberal Arts, Economics, Management, Law, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Art and Education. Among over 50 undergraduate disciplines, there include 2 characteristic disciplines at national level, 8 key characteristic majors at provincial level. There is 1 post-Doctoral work station, 4 key disciplines at provincial level, 3experiment teaching model centers at provincial level, and a batch of key laboratories at provincial level. After recent years' of construction and exploration, the university has established a subject system which gives priority to Education, Medical Science and Agriculture, with other subjects such as Liberal Arts, Science, Engineering, Law, Management in a coordinated development.

YU has undertaken various research programs of different levels and disciplines, including projects such as the National ‘863' High Technology Projects, the National Natural Science Fund Projects and the National Humanities and Social Sciences Fund Projects. The research studies on biological medicine, cosmetic medicine and bilinear hybrid rice have reached leading domestic level. The ‘ursonic acid standard sample' has been examined and approved to become the first national standard sample in Jingbangg Province.   Focusing on the idea of "educating through love" and " facing the local primary level and cultivating high-quality applied talents", YU pays great attention to the dynamic integration of ‘the first class' and ‘the second class'. It has established over 100 student associations and is dedicated to cultivating advanced applied talents with a solid foundation, high quality and high innovative ability. In recent years, students have won over 600 prizes in competitions at national and provincial levels. The employment ratio of graduates has continuously been at the top level for many years among universities of similar kind in Jiangxi Province. YU has been honored as “Jiangxi Advanced Group in Graduates” Employment Work among Regular Universities and has been awarded the titles of ‘National Advanced Group in Graduates' Employment Work among Regular Universities and National Advanced Unit in Foreign Students' Management. Such mainstream media as Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, People's Daily, China Education Press Agency have all reported YU’s noticeable features and achievements.

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  • English Medium Courses:

  • Fee Structure:

    Tuition fee: 13,000 RMB/Year

    Hostel fee: 2000 RMB/Year

    NOTE: In 1st year, students pay some extra charges along with tuition fee & hostel fee. These charges include Application fee, Registration fee, Management fee, Visa extension fee, Medical Checkup fee and health Insurance fee etc.