University Overview:

Bohai University (BU) is a comprehensive university administered by Liaoning Province government. BU is located in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China. Jinzhou is a seaside city with long history and cultural tradition.

BU covers a total land area of 2,000 Chinese mu (approximately equaling 1,300,000 square meters), and its floor area totals over 500,000 square meters. BU has established 16 sub-level colleges administering 44 programs for bachelor's degree, 10 programs for associate degree. BU owns 16 programs for Level-1 master's degree, 71 programs for Level-2 master's degree, and 5 programs for professional master's degree, and such programs range from philosophy to economics, laws, education, humanities, history, science, engineering, management and arts. There are now more than 25,000 postgraduates and full-time college students.

At present, there are 1,200 professional teachers, among whom are 200 professors and 400 doctor's degree holders. Among the professional teachers, there are nearly 100 persons who have been awarded province-level or state-level titles, including Changjiang Scholars, "National Hundred-level, Thousand-level and Ten-thousand-level Talents", Outstanding Talents for Ministry of Education's Support Plans, Liaoning Province's Diligently-working Scholars, Liaoning Province's Outstanding Experts, Outstanding Talents for Liaoning Province's Support Plan, Liaoning Province's "National Hundred-level, and Thousand-level" Talents, Province-level Outstanding Talents in Science and Technology, Province-level Famous Teachers, Province-level Professional Academic Leaders, Province-level Outstanding Teachers, etc.

By enhancing its own software and hardware environments, BU has made a great leap forward in its multiple performances. According to the investigations made by some national evaluation institutes, such as Wushulian, Wangdawang, Alumni Network, and Research Center for China's Science Evaluation, BU is listed near to the 200th place among 800 state-owned higher schools in China, and is ranked near to the 10th best university in Liaoning Province. In 2012 Chinese university academic paper ranking list—"ESI-TOP", BU is ranked as the 68th among China's 100 best universities, and as the first one among higher schools in Liaoning Province.

  • Location & Climate:

  • English Medium Courses:

  • Fee Structure:

    Tuition fee: 12,000 RMB/Year

    Hostel fee: 2000 RMB/Year

    NOTE: In 1st year, students pay some extra charges along with tuition fee & hostel fee. These charges include Application fee, Registration fee, Management fee, Visa extension fee, Medical Checkup fee and health Insurance fee etc.