University Overview:

Binzhou Medical University (BMU), a province-run institution, is one of the key medical universities in Shandong Province. BMU has two campuses, and they are in Binzhou and Yantai respectively. The international students program is held on Yantai campus.

BMU now has ten schools which are Basic Medicine School, Clinical Medicine School, School of Clinical Medicine for the Handicapped, School of Stomatology, School of Nursing, School of Medical Humanities, School of Adult Education and others, and thirteen bachelor’s degree specialties including clinical medicine, stomatology, nursing, biotechnology, traditional Chinese medicine, biotechnology, information management and information systems, anesthesiology, forensic medicine for legal case and so on. BMU also offers twelve master degree programs: Anatomy -Histology-Embryology; Immunology; Stomatology; Pathology & Pathophysiology and so on. BMU still has five provincial key subjects, which are medical immunology, stomatology, clinical nutrition supporting center (Hepatobiliary Surgery), Internal Medicine and Anthropotomy –Histology - Embryology. BMU has nine affiliated hospitals (including one directly-affiliated hospital). BMU issues two journals Chine se Hospital Statistics and Binzhou Medical University Transactions, which are published in China and abroad.

International students program is one of the most important programs of international exchange and cooperation, offering one BS degree in traditional Chinese medicine combined with western medicine, and short term Chinese program and long term Chinese program.

The university is equipped with advanced teaching facilities such as audio-visual labs, multi-media language labs, reading-rooms--all of which provide an excellent language learning environment for international students. For medicine students, vigorous and experienced teachers will show you how profound the Chinese medicine is and show you the way to be a qualified doctor. During internship, you can choose the hospital and the doctors. With first-class teaching quality and attentive services, we will ensure any one who enrolls in our university a bright and prosperous future.

  • Location & Climate:

  • English Medium Courses:

  • Fee Structure:

    Tuition fee: 14,000 RMB/Year

    Hostel fee: 2000 RMB/Year

    NOTE: In 1st year, students pay some extra charges along with tuition fee & hostel fee. These charges include Application fee, Registration fee, Management fee, Visa extension fee, Medical Checkup fee and health Insurance fee etc.